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Build 1.8.3 - 10/07/2016

The ability to combine a container on a shoppers cart into another stored container for the same order of the same food safety type.

Allow items to be added to an order through ShopperKit up until the point that the order has been settled at POS.

Prevent users from interacting with containers for orders that have been carried out and completed.

Pass back the customers actual Card Mask value in the POS OCA Response XML

Fix issue that allowed users to sub items that were marked as Do Not Allow Subs. This is the Sub of a Sub issue. In Situations where a sub UPC does not clear POS, User will need to remove the bad sub UPC, and use the Add Item functionality to add the correct barcode to the order. 

Fix the Order description issue on the Add Item screen so that order appears as the order number value instead of Order Id: Unata ID: <value>.

Fixed issue where unresolved sub and add items were showing up with no description. When items do not resolve to a description, the Scanned UPC will be displayed as the description.

Fixed issue where Unit Price was net getting sent back to Unata on Sub Picks.