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Build 1.9.5 - 10/24/2016


  • Change the Order Summary reports to display Shopper Name as First Name, Last Initial. (558)
  • Allow users to view Customer information from OrderDetails view and print Delivery Address label. (574)
  • Change default view of order list to only show orders for current day and allow user to toggle to show all orders. (570)
  • Allow users to see which users are shopping orders or have unstaged containers by displaying their names in Bold text. (554)
  • Allow Store Managers to see and stage all unstaged containers for an order. (553)
  • Allow users to see which orders have been settled at POS by displaying the Actual Order total as a secondary value under the Estimated Total value in the order list. (567)
  • Suppress System Admin users from appearing in Client and Store level user lists and suppress Client Admin from appearing in Store level list. (475)
  • Pass the actual Braintree payment error_code value back in POS Response if one is provided. Default to 303 if error_code is null. (587)
  • Implement B2B fulfillment store logic in Unata interface interface. (571)

Bug Fixes

  • Delivery Report Date Selector and Save to report has been changed to Save to Excel in Chrome. (549)
  • Store assignment is now required when creating Users to prevent user records from being orphaned when created. (559)
  • Improve the load time performance of the POS Integration page in the Admin Portal. (573)
  • Correctly update Order Line status when picking against lines that had previously been shorted. (576)
  • Issue where order status is not always getting updated correctly after POS Done, and order history not getting set on subsequent carryout. (505)
  • Do not allow Carryout to override the name of the Shoppers associated with picked orders. (575)
  • Delivery Notes were not getting saved as Delivery type Order Comments. (561)