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Build 2.0.1 - 10/31/2016

Breaking Change: Core Web API 2.0.1 will not support previous clients. All clients must updated to work.


  • Optimize performance of the the Put to Container/Label action in the Shopping Flow. (601)
  • Optimize the Load time of the Order List view. (602)
  • Simplify and Improve the Delivery Run Sheet to improve readability and allow for multiple orders on a single page. (600)


  • Container ID (human readable barcode number) is getting cut off on label. (608)
  • Items Count on the Order List is including items removed from order. (606)
  • Order import is creating more customer address records than are required. (589)
  • Completed order status transaction is not getting captured in order status history records. (593)
  • Order List is automatically resorting on refresh. (589)
  • Do not allow Shoppers to pickup totes that were staged by other users to prevent tote from disappearing. Same user and Store Managers will still be allowed to pickup staged totes. (605)
  • Only create 1 line per unique Type 2 barcode, regardless of quantity, when type 2 barcode is used as a Sub or and Add.
  • Account for $0 charge requests from POS where Gift Cards and EBT is used.