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Build 2.0.3 - 11/14/2016


  • Remove the .DAT extension from the POS Recall label. (633)
  • Change the default view for Order List to display all Orders. Today's orders will be the toggle option. (634)
  • Optimize the delivery report performance. (600)
  • Allow user to regenerate POS in-file from POS integration page at any point regardless of status until order ages off the report. (632)
  • Implement orders/errors endpoint to capture order error messages sent by Unata. (436)
  • Hotfix - Temporarily modify the POS In-File creation process to append Type 2 credit or debit barcodes to in-file so that credits/debits can be settled at POS. This logic will be removed once Unata has completed their changes to send credit/debits as a line item on order. (630)


  • Printing Order Summary from Order Detail using Google Print has been fixed. Product images have been removed from report as well to improve load time and readability. (613)
  • Make the Retry button on the POS integration page change state after being clicked. (604)
  • Do not create Order Item weight record for items that do not require weight. Ensure that weight variable is reset after capturing weight. (622)
  • HotFix - Optimize the OCA and POS integration (603) and add seconds to OCA client side logging. (620)
  • HotFix - When grouping Subbed or Added Type 2 barcodes in Order In-File, group by logic needs to evaluate the Order Item ID, so that it does not miss Barcodes. (628)
  • HotFix - Unata order interface is throwing errors on the first attempt to POST order to ShopperKit. (621)