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Build 2.0.9 - 12/01/2016


  • Require shoppers to acknowledge item comments before completing the pick. (637)
  • Improve the usability of the Logon screen by increasing the size of the User Name and Password Inputs. Also, do not enable login button until a password has been entered. (609)
  • Improve the speed of the Carryout by optimizing the tote selection process. (635)
  • Add an Order Count control to the Order List view. The order count will display the number of orders in the list depending on the filter options selected. (590)
  • Allow users to see the total number of totes associated with an order from the Carryout list. (586)
  • Improve the usability of the navigation menu by increasing the size and optimizing for touch. (577)
  • Optimize the time it takes to load an order from the order list. (618) 
  • Only use Unata Customer ID when writing the in-file Fly By Line. (641) 
  • On POS Capture Error, reset order status and do not allow order to be carried out. (616) 


  • Admin Portal - Expose the ShelfSourceKey attribute when creating shelves. (516)
  • Do not allow users to make breaking changes by deleting or altering Food Safety Types, Sections, Shelves or Staging Sections and Shelves that actively inuse. (624)