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Build 2.1.9 - 01/05/2017


  • New Delivery Order Feature: This optional feature allows Delivery orders to be loaded from Carryout into a separate delivery queue. Orders in the delivery queue can be ordered based on driver preference. Orders in the Delivery Queue integrate with Google maps for easy navigation. Orders in the delivery queue are completed when the customer signature is captured on the Order Summary. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled by Admin at any time. (513) (651)
  • Display the Start and End times for delivery orders on the Order List, Carryout and Delivery report. (643)
  • Change the subject line for Order Summary emails to indicate Order Summary vs. Order Receipt. (649)
  • Change the on-screen and recall label barcode to UPC-A symbology. (644)
  • Create new Delivery Driver user role. (647)
  • Add price to the Order Details view. (636)
  • Increase the size of the names on the Reserved For list so that they are easier to select. (599)
  • Roche API - Calculate Final Total by subtracting Tender Totals from Charge Amount. (640)


  • Do not allow orders in canceled status to be updated to a non-canceled status. (627)
  • Reserved For list is not in alphabetical order. List now is sorted in alpha order based on last name, first name. (594)
  • Do not allow users to move or create containers for orders that are in POS process or POS Done status. (653)