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Build 2.3.6 - 03/06/2017


  • Prepared Items: The Prepared Items feature brings service counter (meat, seafood, deli, sushi, etc) automation to the ShopperKit order fulfilment workflow. By mapping your item category, merchandise sections and shelves, you will be able to define rules for determining what is and what is not a Prepared Item. Items that are flagged as Prepared Items will flow into their own Prepared Item workflow, where they will be prepared and completed in ShopperKit by dedicated prepared item workers. Once prepared items have been completed, Shoppers and Managers are automatically notified that the items are ready for pickup. Prepared items are then automatically picked by scanning the prepared item label. (656)
  • ShopperKit Analytics: The Analytics feature brings performance and labour reporting and visualisations to ShopperKit. Accessed through the Admin Portal, analytics are generated for one or more stores, by day, week, month, quarter or year. (655) The analytics that is currently available are:
  1. Completed orders by Type (Pickup or Delivery)
  2. Order ($) Amounts - Ordered vs. Actual
  3. Order ($) Amounts by Type (Pickup or Delivery)
  4. Order Accuracy by Type (Pickup or Delivery)
  5. Pick Metric Range by Store
  6. Pick Metrics by Store
  7. Pick Metrics by User
  8. Units Filled
  • Optionally force users to scan labels when completing picks. This is controlled by a new user attributed labelled "Force Label Scan". With the attribute enabled, shoppers will only be able to complete picks by scanning the correct label for the item, order and food safety type. With the attribute disabled, shoppers may continue to complete the pick by tapping the label icon in the application. (525)
  • Protect against substitution UPC values that are greater than 14 characters. When a user attempts to substitute using a UPC that is greater than 14 characters, the negative sound will play and ShopperKit will not attempt to lookup the scanned UPC. (657)


  • Do not allow require shoppers to re-confirm item comments on subsequent scans to aggregate quantity. (665)
  • Expose the ShelfSourceKey value in the admin portal. (664)
  • Substitution items are failing to resolve correctly when old records of the substituted item already exist in the ShopperKit lookup table. (673, 670)
  • When scanning a substituted item multiple times to aggregate the quantity, the resolved info disappears and the original item info is displayed instead. (678)
  • Do not allow items that have been deleted and removed from order to be placed in a container. (646)