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July 2017 Release | Build 2.7.0


Order Data Archive

Beginning with this release ShopperKit is implementing a new data archive policy. With this new policy, all customer order and transaction data will be archived and be made available to you for download. Order data will be saved in JSON files and aggregated in a single daily zip file. A schema document will be forthcoming. Archived orders will be maintained by ShopperKit for a period of twelve months.

Along with the archive change, in an effort to improve application performance, ShopperKit will begin purging orders 90 days after they have been completed.  From a practical perspective, this means that you will no longer be able to search for orders older than 90 days in ShopperKit. This change does not impact Analytics and reporting.

Look for a follow-up email from support with more details.

Allow Substitutions and Adds to prompt for quantity and weight based on item settings. 

Previously, ShopperKit treated substitution and addition items as Each pick only, regardless of the items actual settings. We have now fixed this so that ShopperKit will prompt for quantity and weight correctly based on the item settings, however this change does require that the item be known to the host system of record. As a result, you may be required to wait momentarily while the system looks up the item. Any unresolved substitution or addition items will continue to be treated as Each pick items.


  • Fixed issue that prevented usernames from being updated in the Client Portal.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Client Portal Analytics from loading properly due to firewall restrictions.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Store Managers from seeing Prepared Item Workers in the Client Portal User list.
  • Prevent gross overages by preventing quantities greater than 999 for Substitutions and additions.