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September 2017 | Build 3.0.0


Carryout Assignment

For this month’s release, we have gone back and enhanced the Carryout Notifications that are triggered by the Curbside Messaging feature. Previously the Carryout Notification message would simply appear on the tablets in the store. This message could easily be dismissed and it was up to the store personnel to operationally coordinate who would be responsible for completing the carryout of the customer’s order. Now, when the Carryout Notification appears on the tablet, there is a new "Take It" button. Tapping this button will take the user directly into the carryout screen for the order, explicitly assign the user to the order and it will cause the notification message to disappear from the other tablets in the store.


On the Carryout screen, there is now an assignment indicator control as well. When coming to this screen by tapping the Take It button, the indicator will show the order as being assigned to the username of the person who took it. Once assigned to an order, you can un-assign yourself by tapping the Clear option.


When coming into the Carryout screen for an order that is currently unassigned, the control will indicate that no users are assigned and the Take It option will be highlighted.


To improve visibility on Carryout assignments, orders that have been assigned to a user for carryout will display the assigned users full name as a secondary value under the order number on the Carryout Order list.


Please note that you are not required to be assigned to an order to complete the carryout. It is also possible for users to take over orders that have been previously assigned to other users.

Along with these changes, Carryout Notifications will only be broadcast based on the active store selection to Shopper, Store Manager and Client Admin roles. Prepared Item Workers and Delivery Drivers will not receive these notifications.

Additionally, we have made an improvement to the logic that is responsible for understanding which tablets are active in specific stores for the purpose of broadcasting notifications. 

Weight Tolerance Exception Alert

Previously, Weight Tolerance exceptions were only visible from the Order Details view. Unless you were diligent about checking this screen before settling orders, you may have found yourself dealing with post pick order adjustments due to incorrect weight value inputs. Additionally, with the previous implementation, the tolerance threshold value was set at 20% and was not user adjustable.


With this release, the weight input control has been modified to dynamically display the calculated price based on the weight value that the user is entering. If the value exceeds (+/-) the user defined WeightTolerancePercentage Application Attribute, the price value will change its color and display in Red and Bold. If you continue to proceed with the out of tolerance weight input by confirming the weight and tapping the OK button, a warning sound will play and the weight input control will ask you to confirm the entry before accepting the weight value.

Archive file naming changes

The previous implementation of the Order Archive file naming scheme required a knowledge of the internal ShopperKit Store ID value, in addition to your own known Store Number value. This has been removed from the file naming convention, so now archives can be accessed by order using a MMDDYYYY-StoreNumber-OrderNumber.txt.gz format. The Daily Zip archive can be accessed using MMDDYYYY-StoreNumber-DailyZip.gz format.


  • Fixed issue that prevented assigning Prepared Item sections to Prep Workers from the user management page.
  • Fixed issue that would cause order list to seemingly randomly resort on refresh.
  • Fixed issue that would cause a prepared item pick to become un-pickable after it had been unpicked from a prepared item label.