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November 2017 | Build 3.2.8


Custom SMTP Header FROM value

With the 3.2.8 build it is now possible to configure the SMTP Header FROM address value. This is the address that is used to send the order summary report. By default, this value will be the same as the configured FROM email address, however users may explicitly set this as part of the ClientFromEmailAddress app attribute. To set a custom value, simply add the value you would like to see appended to the end of the email address value, separated by a semi-colon. As an example, if we wanted these emails to come from ShopperKit Support, then we define the App Attribute as noreply@shopperkit.com;ShopperKit Support

Carryout notification Timeout messages

Today when customers arrive to your store and they utilize the Carryout Arrival functionality to announce that they are HERE, they likely assume that their message was received by the store associates. The last thing we want is to keep your customers waiting if by chance a store associate has not received the notice, which is why we've added the ability to define a custom timeout and followup message. You may now define a custom followup message in the OrderNotificationCarryoutFollowUpMessage app attribute and by using the OrderNotificationCarryoutFollowUpInSeconds attribute, you can set the number of seconds ShopperKit should wait before sending the followup message. To be clear, this followup message will only be sent if no users actioned the Carryout Notification by tapping the Take It option.

Carryout notification Retry

With the 3.2.8 release, ShopperKit servers now understand which users should receive which carryout notifications as well as whether or not a previously sent notification was received. If ShopperKit detects that a Carryout notification has not been read by a user it has determined should receive the notice, it will continue to attempt to send the message until that user receives it or the order has been Taken or carried out.


  • Fixed issue that prevented Client Admin users from editing their store access list.
  • Fixed issue preventing the drag and drop resequencing of Merchandise Sections.
  • Only allow the Take It action to trigger a Carryout Confirmation message if Carryout Arrival message has been received for that order.
  • Only allow one Carryout Confirmation message to be sent per order.
  • Do not send Carryout Confirmation messages for Delivery orders.
  • Ensure that realtime shopping flow updates for multi-picker orders are not mistaken for picks. Throw an error message when multiple users attempt to pick the same item at the same time.

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