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January 2018 | Build 3.5.1


ShopperKit Kiosk

We are pleased to announce the launch of ShopperKit Kiosk. ShopperKit Kiosk is a new product that allows your in-store customers to save time by skipping the long lines of the service counters. Now your customers can simply visit the ShopperKit Kiosk stand when they enter the store to place all of their Deli, Meat and Seafood orders and then go on with their regular shopping list. All the Kiosk orders will then be routed to the appropriate counters where they will appear in the ShopperKit Prepared Items order list. Your store associates will prepare and complete Kiosk orders just as they would any other prepared item order. Once the Kiosk orders have been completed, ShopperKit will notify the customer via SMS or Email that their order is ready. Because Kiosk orders are clearly labeled, picking up your completed Kiosk order is a snap.

If you interested in learning more about ShopperKit Kiosk, drop us a line to schedule a demo!

Improved Controls on Analytics and POS Integration pages

New this month are some more improvements to the ShopperKit Admin portal.

The store selector control on the POS Integration page has been replaced with the same selection control that is used from the menu. This control allows for easier selection by allowing you to filter the store list, as well as making scrolling and selecting more user friendly. 

We have also revamped the selection controls on the Analytics pages to make Store, Report and Time selection entry easier. In addition, we've added a new Date Range search feature that will allow you to filter results to days that fall within the selected Begin and End date range. 

You will also notice new set of controls that will allow you to resize and reorient the visualizations on demand. 

Self Service Password Reset

ShopperKit will now allow employees who have forgotten their passwords to reset them without Admin or Store Manager assistance. From the Logon screen of the admin portal, users will be able to select the Forgot Password link. Users will enter in the email that is associated with their ShopperKit User account and ShopperKit will send a one time use link that can be used to reset the password. Use of this feature does require that ShopperKit users have a working email address associated with their account. For users that do not have and email address, passwords will need to be managed by Admins or Managers.


  • Reduced the size of the tap region on the UPH to prevent accidental loading.
  • IPL label format has been deprecated.
  • Do not allow the POS integration page to reset orders that have been settled.
  • Prevent the Aisle indicator from showing as complete when unpicked substituted prepared item picks remain.
  • Allow order items that reference undefined Merchandise Sections to be assigned to catch all section 000 to prevent orders with unpickable items.
  • Ensure that picked items that have been removed from order by customers do not get sent to POS.