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July 2018 | Build 3.8.8


Command Center

With this release, we are very excited to announce our newest addition, the ShopperKit Command Center. As your online fulfillment operations continue to grow, the need to have real-time, operational visibility across all of your stores becomes ever more important. While it's always been possible to look into ShopperKit client application to see real-time order performance within a given store, there hasn't been anyway to see this data across stores. ShopperKit Analytics does provides roll up data, but that has always been historical. This is where Command Center fits in. Command Center is focused on reporting and analyzing real-time ShopperKit data so that you can keep your operations running as smoothly as possible.  

Command Center can be accessed at commandcenter.shopperkit.com by using your Admin Portal credentials.


Command Center Communications allows you to view and participate in any customer communications that have been initiated by the stores, either within a specific store or across all stores. From the Communications view, you will have access to all of the individual active SMS communications. As new messages come in, they will update in real-time, flashing the individual chat client windows so you know where to look and clicking on a given chat will allow you to participate in that communication directly from the browser.

Order Inspector

Command Center Order Inspector helps you to answer the question of "How are we doing today?". By rolling up order fulfillment progress and exception data, you'll easily be able to quickly see overall order activity and progress across all of your stores as well as which of stores might require some assistance in managing their work load.

Inventory Inspector

Command Center Inventory Inspector helps you spot and understand potential inventory problems and how they may be impacting your fill rates. The inspector will show you all items that have been ordered and are being picked for a given day, and more importantly, those items that may be experiencing higher than normal rates of Out of Stock or Substitutions. 

Basket Size Increase Widget

Command Center Basket Size Increase widget allows you to see how well your stores are doing in Add-On items. Starting from the top, you will see how each of your stores stacks up to each other in terms of increased baskets due to add-on items. From here you can then drill into any one store to see which orders have been impacted and by how much.


  • Carryout SMS notifications that originate from a phone number other than the order's phone number will now correctly route the "We're on our way" confirmation message to the originating phone number instead of the phone number associated with the order.
  • Order list will no longer infinitely spin when loading list view that contains no orders.
  • Do not allow users to enter Alpha characters or UPCs values greater than 14 chars when subbing or adding items in ShopperKit.
  • Do not allow default weight values from type 2 barcodes to exceed weight thresholds without triggering warning and confirmation step.
  • Force the Picking UI to refresh anytime a quantity exceeded error is encountered.
  • Change the sort or of stores in the client Store list to order stores by name in ascending order.
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