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Payment Type on Main Screens

It would be very helpful to have the order's payment type noted on both the Orders screen and on the Shopping screens (maybe by the guest info area) as it dramatically impacts the shopping and carryout flow (carryout flow especially since we have to grab a credit card payment device if the guest is curbside payment vs. we don't if it's online payment)

This may also be a good time to add client configurable payment type "names" so that they appear in a more host- and guest-friendly manner on the app, documents, etc. 

For example, instead of "AP" it would be Payeezy Online (may be a bad example). That way we'll clearly know it's Credit Card @ Pickup, etc. 

Even better would be an "alert" window that comes up after all totes are un-staged during carryout that reminds the host anything they may need to do (which would change based on the order itself)... i.e. if we know payment type is Credit Card @ Pickup, it would remind them to "Take the Cloverflex payment device with you", and so on.

But having payment type available in Orders and Shopping screens would be a great start.

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