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Easier "Add On Item" Flow for Staged Orders

We have many cases where an order is completely staged then a guest wishes to add more items - such as when they arrive at the store or if they've forgotten things. And as we migrate toward using SK text services, that'll happen more frequently. Plus, there are many situations where we pick orders WAY before the pickup date/time (such as on the coast)

Right now, if an order is staged and we wish to add items, it requires too many keystrokes since we have to unstage a tote then add an item. So our hosts simply add the items in Toshiba as a sepraate order or as the order is settling from ShopperKit. That's not going to work once we're settling in the cloud anyway.

We'd like the ability for a host to easy add an item or items with as few keystrokes as possible at any point, even if the order is staged. 

For example:

1. Guest indicates they want more stuff

2. Host grabs the items

3. Host opens SK order on iPad

4. Host can easily scan the item into the order or hits an "Add/Edit Items"

5. Host scans and identifies a quantity

6. SK shows host what tote to put it in and requires them to scan the appropriate label. If no tote exists for that temp zone or it's a large item - or otherwise requires a new/independent label - SK prints a label and warns the host that a label has been printed (in case they're not close to the corresponding label printer based on how/when items are added)

7. Host stages the items and the order remains in the "Staged" configuration. 

8. SK order is updated, which updates Unata/eComm (to show the guest the proper set of ordered items)

9. Everything is now captured in SK so that we only need to settle the order one time over to Toshiba

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