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May 2020 | Build 5.6.2

Announcing ShopperKit Mobile

ShopperKit Mobile brings all the functionality from the existing tablet application, in a new ground-up redesign, intended for wide range of smaller mobile devices running android and iOS. This brand new application is available for download from both apple and goole play stores, as well directly from the ShopperKit releases download (android only). ShopperKit mobile has built in support for many specialized mobile devices from Infinite Peripherals, Zebra, Datalogic, Panasonic and Honeywell, as well as support for image based scanning using ScandIt. 

ShopperKit Mobile is designed to work side by side with the ShopperKit Classic application, so existing customers can easily start using this new application in your stores today. 

Pre-Printed Labels

In addition to the on-demand label printing that we've always supported, ShopperKit is introducing a new label pre-printed, batch label mode. By enabling the AllowPrePrint application attribute, ShopperKit will allow you to generate a batch of labels at the beginning of the shopping process. ShopperKit will estimate the number of labels that you need based on historical container item usage. This option allows you to print your labels ahead of time using a centralized label printer so you can setup your cart and go. Don't worry though, even with pre-printing enabled, you are still able to print labels on-demand when needed.

Allow Payment Type Overrides at anytime

ShopperKit has always supported the changing of order payment types, but previously the option has only been enabled when there was some sort of authorization failure on the original form of payment. Now by enabling the PaymentOverrideChangePriorToSettlement attribute in the Client Portal, users will be able change the payment type of an order to any of the support in-store payment types, prior to settling the order at POS. When the attribute is enabled, a new payment type dropdown becomes enabled from the POS screen where you can select and save the change. All payment type change updates are sent back to commerce so that any existing authorization holds will be released.

Staging Section Scrolling

ShopperKit Classic now has a scrollable Staging Section selection ribbon to support customers who have more staging sections than can possibly fit on the screen at a given time. When ShopperKit detects that the Staging Sections can not all fit, it will enable the left and right scroll buttons so that you can navigate through the list to select the desired staging section.

Obfuscate Customer information

To better support GDPR and other privacy regulations, ShopperKit now allows for email and phone number data to be masked from the primary shopping screen. Customer data will still be available to view from the customer data screens, but by enabling the ObfuscateCustomerContact attribute from the Client Portal, ShopperKit will mask most of the phone number and email address data that is visible from the shopping screen.

Disable Short button when Sub Option is available

For orders where there is a pre-selected substitution option available, users will no longer be allowed to simply Short and out of stock the original item without first attempting to fulfill the pre-selected sub option.

House Account Numbers display in POS Screen

For customers using the minimal POS screen to capture and enter POS totals, orders using a House Account payment type will display the house account number. 


  • Issue in prepared item hybrid mode where orders where prepared item hybrid was incorrectly being flagged as prepared item lite orders.
  • Issue in prepared item hybrid mode where competing prep work would not update the UI to close the prepared item box icon.