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January 2021

Introducing the Communications Hub

Now from the command center, easily navigate between active and archived chats from the previous 2 weeks (from the current date).Team members that have access to Command Center, may respond to clients directly via this feature.

Communications can now be sorted from within Command Center by: Date (Oldest. Newest), Order Total (Highest, Lowest), Store, Order Type (Carryout/Delivery), Order #, Order Value, Order Status, Customer Name, Promise Date, Promise Time, Shopper, Product (UPC/SKU).

For additional information on the Communication Feature (Click Here)

Order Comments Enhancements

Order Comments when present on orders, now display as a pop-up similar to how item notes display; upon accessing the first product within an order as a shopper as well as when staging the final container for the order. This feature is enabled by setting the AllowOrderCommentsModal attribute to True.

Smart Substitutions Enhancements

 Texting from Smart Substitutions Screen

We have added access to the messaging screen once a Smart Substitution has been selected, this allows for Shoppers to quickly communicate to the customer on potential smart substitutions more efficiently. Additionally two new template fields, Suggested Sub Description and Suggested Sub Image have been added to the template builders so that you may create templates specific to suggested substitutions.

Command Center Orders Archive

With this release we have added the ability to search for archived orders to Command Center. With this change, archived order searches in the mobile client are now limited to a two week window, after which order are purged from the active transactional database. The Command Center Orders Archive however will operate on a three year retention period. The Order Archive functionality in Command Center has been built to emulate the same functionality that you have grown used to in the Mobile Client. 

Android BuildiOS Build
ShopperKit Mobile Stage1.2.125741.2.12528
ShopperKit Classic Stage5.8.115305.8.7
ShopperKit Mobile1.2.126161.2.12528
ShopperKit Classic5.8.115455.8.11544

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