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February 2021

Planned Release to Production in March 2

OAuth2 Support

Beginning with this February release, ShopperKit now supports OAuth2 security for both User and Integration Authentication. This also includes User creation via Active Directory. Please contact support@shopperkit.com to setup OAuth2 authentication for your ShopperKit instance

Bringg Last Mile Provider Integration

ShopperKit is pleased to announce that we have added Bringg to our list of supported Last Mile delivery providers. The Bringg integration is configured like all of our other delivery integrations by configuring the Store Delivery provider settings for your specific stores. You will need to have a Bringg API key and URL to configure this integration.

Change Order Promise Time

ShopperKit now allows you to edit the promise time for pickup orders to set the date and time to a future date and time. A common use case for this would be for Customers who may request a later pickup time after having already placed their orders. To change the Promise Time of an order you will simply log into Command Center as Manager role or above, and select the Update Promise Time option. Please note that you will only be allowed to select future dates and times. When updating a date, a new event is published to Command Center to process the update. This means that there may be a slight delay before you see the change reflected in the order inspector. This change also allows Order Inspector to handle date changes from Commerce so that an order will no longer appear duplicated when the orders date changes.  

Age Restricted

Now when picking age restricted items in ShopperKit Mobile, a small red ID Card icon will appear above the product image in the shopping flow to indicate that the item is marked as an age restricted item. This feature already exists in ShopperKit Classic.

Tap on Image to Enlarge

Given the smaller screen sizes that are frequently used with ShopperKit Mobile, it is now possible to enlarge the product image, by simply tapping the image.  

Print on Label Lead Time option

We have now added a new option to Lead Time Rules that will allow you to define a short text string value that will be printed on the Container Labels for any orders that trigger the alert. A common use case for this feature would be print a value on a label to indicate if the order belongs to a New Guest or VIP customer.

New Label Attributes

With this release we have now added two new optional label attributes. These attributes will only appear on the container labels if you add them to the label via the label override attributes.

AttributeData Source
BAGTYPEPrints the value of the order comment where the comment type is Bag Type
Prints the value of the order.ExtValue1 order attribute

Order Schema Changes

In order to support additional integration workflows and enable some new In-app functionality, we have added the following attributes to the order schema.

  "order_source_id": {
    "description": "The unique identifier or UUID for the order as assigned by OMS. If Null defaults to order_source_key",
    "type": "string"
  "ExtValue1": {
    "description": "Optional numeric extensibility order level attribute.",
    "type": "number"
  "ExtField1": {
    "description": "Optional string extensibility order level attribute.",
    "type": "string"
  "order_items": {
    "items": {
      "properties": {
        "ext_attribute1": {
          "description": "Generic persisted attribute to allow for customer specific item level attributes",
          "type": "string"
        "ext_attribute2": {
          "description": "Generic persisted attribute to allow for customer specific item level attributes",
          "type": "string"

Cancel Order text input

Fixed issue in ShopperKit Mobile where the Cancel Comment input modal would redraw incorrectly making it appear as though comments could not be entered.

ShopperKit Mobile Menu iOS 11 and 12

Fixed the issue with ShopperKit Mobile on iOS 11 and 12 where the ShopperKit menu and filter buttons were obfuscated by the iOS system icons. 

Smart Sub Rank Value

Fixed the issue where Smart Sub option rank value was only getting recorded when item was picked using full GTIN 14 UPC format.

VersionAndroid BuildiOS Build
ShopperKit Mobile
ShopperKit Mobile Stage1.1.128951.1.13025
ShopperKit ClassicTBDTBD
ShopperKit Classic Stage5.
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