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June 2021

Planned Release to Production is July 13

FreshIQ Made To Order Integration

For the June release, we are very please to announce a a new Prepared Items mode that leverages the robust Made to Order functionality within our sister product, FreshIQ. Now when the "Made to Order" prepared items mode is selected, ShopperKit will create a discrete order in your FreshIQ Made to Order instance via web service interface. Once the order is in FIQ, your service counters will have multiple options by which to prepare the Made to Order items. This can be as simple as preparing from a ticket that is automatically printed from a department located receipt printer, similar to what you'd find in a restaurant kitchen, or by using the dedicate made to order FIQ work flows. Since FIQ already understand the required preparation times for you various items, along with all the preparation steps and customization options, you can be assured that you Service Counters will no longer have to worry about timing or instructions when it comes to preparing these items. To leverage this new feature you must also have a FIQ Made to Order subscription. Please contact support@shopperkit.com or your FIQ account rep for more information.

Private Information | GDPR Support

In order to better support our EU based and privacy conscious customers, ShopperKit is now introducing Private Information management so that you may control how and when private customer information is displayed and retained within the application. The ShopperKit Private Information management functionality is broken down into three main features. First off is the Private Information profile management page. From this page in the Client Portal you will now be able to determine by Private Information attribute type, one of three behaviors that is required by each unique ShopperKit role. The default option of Display will continue to display the private information attributes as they are today. When Obfuscate is selected, the actual value will be replaced with random character data when presented in the UI. When Hide is selected, the actual value is removed from the UI. The settings on this page only determine how these values are rendered in the UI. They do not influence how data is persisted in the database.

The second element to the Private Information management is the ability for Admins to schedule automatic private information data obfuscation via the new ObfuscateHistoricalPIData application attribute. This attribute accepts an integer value that represents the number of days after order completion in which to obfuscate the persisted customer private information. Once the threshold passes, all customer private information data persisted in the database will be replaced with random character data, rendering it useless from an identification perspective.

The third and final element of the Private Information management is the ability for third party systems to request obfuscation of private information via a POST to a new web service method by passing in the Customer sourcekey (ID). https://<customer interface url>/api/v1/customer/obfuscate/{sourcekey}

Client Version number add to API headers

With this release we have made a change to the external facing interfaces to include the ShopperKit client version data as part of the HTTP request header.

Prevent non-empty containers from being deleted

We have fixed an issue that could occur when multiple lead shopper or store manager roles were shopping the same order, where one user would delete a container in their pick session that belonged to the other user shopping the order. This is possible as lead shoppers and above are allowed to see all "On Cart" containers for a given order. Now if a user attempts to delete a non-empty container, they will be presented with an error message indicating that the container can not be deleted.

Edits to Customer Management screen is not reflecting

We have fixed an issue where when editing customer name data in the customer management screens the changes were not being immediately reflected in the order menu and shopping screens.

Leading Zero in D.O.B. capture

We have fixed an issue where there was a leading zero appearing the D.O.B. input field.

Smart Substitution Issues showing invalid uom data

We have fixed an issue where certain smart sub items were appearing with invalid UOM data.

Incorrect Templates appearing in Command Center Hub

We have fixed an issue where incorrect templates were appearing in the Command Center Communications hub based on the filtered stores.

Hub items pickable in spoke store

We have corrected the issue that allowed Hub store items to be pickable in the spoke store. Now these items correctly appear in the pick session as disabled items.

June 2021 Hotfix Release - August 4, 2021

  • Corrected issue preventing receipt of Hub orders and containers in ShopperKit Classic android and iOS.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing all stored containers from being displayed when accessing the storage screens through Zone picking.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile where the Merchandise Section pickflow dropdown would occasionally become contaminated with product descriptions.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile where the manual sub flow would not allow for quantity entry.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile where the add item workflow would not move past the container screen, causing users to add more of an item than intended.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile where unpicking items was not properly reflecting in the shopping flow without reloading the order from the order list.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile preventing customer order type filter from working as expected.
  • Corrected issue in ShopperKit Mobile allowing the display UoM in the Smart Sub description screens to be different from the UoM in the product details screen.
  • Corrected issue preventing user from un-reserving orders from both Command Center and ShopperKit Mobile.
  • Corrected issue in Client Portal that was preventing users from creating new Auto Assignment rules. 

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