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October 2022

Planned Product release to production is October 18th

Added Age Restricted Icon to Order Cards

When a customer order has Age Restricted items, an icon will appear on that order. This is a good way to prepare associates if there are workflows specific to age restricted items that need to be performed (like checking the ID during the carryout flow).

Expanded the fields available to be printed on Labels

We have expanded the fields that are available to be added to ZPL templates to allow for the inclusion of more customer information on labels.  New fields include:

  • FDAddr1
  • FDAddr2
  • FDCityTown
  • FDState
  • FDZip
  • FDPhone 1
  • FDPhone 2

Applied Filtering to the order page’s zone tab

When using zone picking with and auto-assignments, it was difficult to tell which zones should be addressed; particularly if there are multiple zones per food safety type. With this update, the orders that are displayed on the zones tab will only be the orders that have unpicked items in the selected zone(s). In this way it's easier to see which zone should be addressed directly within the mobile application.


  • Fixed a bug that was limiting the view of containers after the order had been staged
  • Fixed an issue where promise time listed on the Order Overview screen was not updating to the proper time zone
  • Updated the visibility of the “Receive Notifications” permission so that it can be viewed by users with the Store Manager role
  • Order status history page was not displaying an order status change when the first item in an order was shorted, instead of picked
  • Resolved error in the Client Portal that was not validating the JSON value that was being entered.
  • Updated logic to allow for proper scanning of EAN13 and UPC-A barcode types
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the user from being directed back to the Order screen after staging the last container of an Auto-Assignment
  • Resolved issue that prevented lead time alert from firing when the Order Status was “Done”
  • Resolved issue that was preventing the filtering by role on the Users page of the Client Portal
  • Resolved issue that was preventing the EBT total from being displayed in GK POS integration.
  • Resolved issues concerning the use of Auto-Assignment and Cartonization