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February 2023

***Release Hotfixed on March 23, 2023 ***

Included in the Hotfix release were the following defects and enhancements.

  • Phone Numbers in ShopperKit will now more clearly indicate if they are valid numbers for SMS messaging.
  • Auto-assignment batch optimization fixes to prevent assignment batching from breaking pre-maturely on limit rules when creating order assignment batches.

Planned Product release to production is February 14th.

Trigger rules using Delivery Provider Order Status

In many instances ShopperKit clients utilize an integration with a 3rd party delivery provider and in such cases, there is a need to utilize information from said delivery provider to trigger behaviors inside of ShopperKit. Now, there is the ability to add Delivery Provider Order Status as a criterion within Rules Management. Using this enhancement will allow clients to be able to send their customers a text message when a delivery provider arrives to collect their order, or other variations of this.

Minor Enhancements

  • When an item is substituted and then the parent item is reset; an unpick exemption will prompt the shopper to remove the substitute.
  • Update the age restricted icon to match what had already existed.


  • In the effort to resolve changes with how applications are allowed to run in the background and handle incoming push notifications many of the ShopperKit mobile client runtime and plugin components have been upgraded.
  • 75572 - User gets logged out after 1 hour
  • 72408 - Prepped item marked for deletion
  • 61650 - Demo scanner button disabled when multi-order picking
  • 71646 - Auto assignment button not showing upon initial page loading
  • 75109 - Scandit license has expired error
  • 74898 - When large font is selected on device the user can't enter a weight

Current STAGE build is 1.1.72873

Current Production Build is 1.1.73256